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The "Applied Sciences & Humanities" is like the heart of all the amazing sciences and technologies. It's where you start understanding the fascinating details of how things work. Imagine it as a strong foundation that helps you shape your future in engineering.

In this department, you'll learn not just technical stuff, but also important values that make you a better person. They teach cool subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Math, and English. All these might sound tough, but they make them super interesting and easy to grasp.

The main goal? To give you the knowledge you need about the basic sciences. It's like a treasure chest of wisdom for young students who are taking their first steps towards a diploma.

And we have really cool labs that let you play with Physics, Chemistry, and Communication Skills. You'll learn hands-on and gain the confidence you need to shine in the big world of industries. It's like getting ready to be a superhero of science and technology.

‘’Igniting Your Path of Discovery’’

Dear Students,

Greetings and warm wishes from the heart of knowledge and serenity – the Applied Sciences and Humanities Department!

As we embark on this exciting journey of learning and growth, let's pause to reflect on the profound words of Albert Einstein : "All religions, arts, and sciences are branches of the same tree." This tree symbolizes the unity of diverse fields, reminding us that every subject, every passion, is interconnected.

In the spirit of Einstein's wisdom, we firmly believe that education is not just about formulas and equations; it's about unlocking the joy within creative expression and knowledge. Remember his words, "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." As your mentors, we're dedicated to nurturing this joy, sparking your curiosity, and guiding you towards becoming true explorers of thought.

शिक्षक की सर्वोच्च कला है कि वह रचनात्मक अभिव्यक्ति और ज्ञान में आनंद जागृत करे। - अल्बर्ट आइंस्टीन

Our department is the very foundation of the incredible world of science and technology. It's the heart from which all knowledge flows, giving you the power to understand the intricate mysteries of science. Think of us as architects of your academic journey, constructing a solid base upon which your engineering dreams will stand tall.

We don't just impart scientific understanding; we infuse every lesson with the essence of humanity. This combination of scientific and humanistic values, blended seamlessly with technical education, creates well-rounded individuals who can excel not only in their careers but also as responsible and empathetic global citizens.

From Physics to Chemistry, Mathematics to English, our teaching programs are designed to equip you with the essential knowledge that every young, budding diploma student needs. Our labs are your playgrounds of exploration, where you'll dive into the worlds of Physics, Chemistry, and Communication Skills. These labs aren't just rooms filled with equipment; they're portals to empowerment, building the confidence that will empower you to thrive in various industries.

So, dear students, let's unite under the umbrella of learning, discovery, and transformation. Together, we'll embrace the tree of knowledge and nurture its branches to bloom with your unique passions and talents.

Your journey starts here, and the possibilities are endless. Welcome to a world where joy, creativity, and knowledge come alive! With enthusiasm and anticipation,

Aman Saini

Name Designation Qualification Experience (Years/Months)
Sh. Aman Saini HOD M.Sc (Chemistry) 16 Y
Ms. Reena Lecturer M.Phil (Mathematics) 08 Y
Ms. Renu Patial Lecturer M.A. (English), M.M.C 07 Y
Sh. Manoj Kumar Lecturer M.Sc., M.Phil (Physics) 05 Y
Ms. Swati Lecturer M.Sc. Chemistry, M.Phil, B.Ed 03 Y