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The Institute has a well furnished computer centre. The computer centre is equipped with 60 computers of latest configurations/specifications. All the latest softwares are installed spanning even beyond the curriculum so that the students continually upgrade their knowledge and skills. The computer centre provides the basic computer education/literacy to the students of various discipline in this insitute.

This Polytechnic has a common library with approx. 10690 books of different authors for various subjects. The library has subscribed twelve different journels and magazines to keep the students and faculty upto date with the fast changing technology of today's world. The total built up area of the library is appox. 300 sq. meter, which include 100 sq. meters reading hall. As the library is well ventilated and lighted, it offers a very pleasing environment for the students to study. Library equipped with 10 computer systems with latest configurations and has various LR media.
The library has also a seperate book bank for SC students. The SC students are being benefited through this Book-Bank and extra coaching classes.
Library Details :-
Total no. of books : 10690, Total Title : 3615, Total Vol. : 8990, Journal : 11, Magazine : 03

The institute has separate hostels for boys and girls. The mess of each hostel is equipped with modern facilities . Each hostel has a residential warden to ensure implementation of discipline and creating learning atmosphere. The hostels are equipped with all the modern facilities like TV, water heaters, water coolers etc.

Boys Hostel

Boys hostel is located within the campus with accommodation for 120 students. The rooms are airy and hygienic. A full fledged hostel management system run the system smoothly. A good number of newspapers and magazines facilities are available in the hostels. Spacious & well ventilated rooms with adequate tables, chairs, cup-boards etc. are available to give the students a perfect homely stay. Facilities for certain outdoor games like Badminton, Volleyball, Basket ball, Cricket are provided in the campus.

Girls Hostel-1 and Girls Hostel-2

Girl's hostels(Girls Hostel-1 and Girls Hostel-2) are located within the campus with accommodation for 60 students(Girls Hostel-1) and 50 students(Girls Hostel-2). The rooms are spacious & well ventilated with adequate tables, chairs, cup-boards etc. Special arrangement have been made for the safety, security & privacy of the girls residing in the hostel.

Campus provides residence facilities for its faculty members who are from far-flung areas. Campus has 1 Princpal Residence and 36 Nos. of Faculty Residences. These 36 Nos. of Faculty Residences include 18 - TYPE 1, 12 - TYPE 3 and 6 - TYPE 4 residences